Results 9th April

Parag Patel (England) won the Southern International Cross individual competition with199.26 (ex 200.40). In second place FWA Coeztee (South Africa) with 199.19, and James Lewis (England) 3rd with 198.21.

The top 3 in the Scottish Sword were all South African shotists (Higgs, Du Toit, Coetzee).

In the Southern Cross International team matches, the Great Britain Under 19 Team narrowly beat their South African counterparts (1087.47 vs 1085.47), and the South African Ladies (770.70) beat the ladies' teams from Australia (750.49) and NZ (756.58). 

In the America's Team Match, results were as follows:

1. South Africa 2362.251

2. USA 2349.217

3. England 2340.218

4. Ireland 2303.164

5. Wales 2189.122

Top scorer on the England Team was PG Kent with 298.27 ex 300, closely behind the top scorer of the match GD Higgs of South Africa with 298.28.