Results 11th April


Parag and Glynn will be battling it out in a tie shoot today for the Dalrymple Pimple also with PP Prinsloo, all having scored 105.17 ex 105.21. In the same competition Underwood came 14th, Daw came 20th with 104.14 and Raincock/de Vere/Belk came 23/24/25th with Ringer 27th. The Dalrymple Challenge cup was donated by Sir Williams Dalrymple, KBE to the Transvaal Rifle Association, who then donated it to SABU. First held in 1936, the competition was mostly won by South Africans until David Calvert (Ireland, GB) won it in 1996 and 2001. In 1999 it was won by an American, and by Danny Coleman (Great Britain) in 2002. Nigel Ball won it in 2008 and Matt Ensor in 2009.


4.42pm - The Dalrymple was won by Parag Patel (England) in the tie shoot with a score of 25.4. Prinsloo came second with an identical score to Glyn Barnett, who won the bronze medal.


In the Kings Norton Cup, South Africa took the top three places (Johan Du Toit, JJ Bruwer, PA Haasbroek), with Kelvin Ramsay 4th, and Sam Dash 11th.

In the Municipal Cup, Parag Patel and Mrs E Van dee Vyver need to tie shoot for 1st & 2nd - both having scored 50.7 (ex 50.10). FWA Coetzee (Sou Africa) placed 3rd, Underwood 13th and Watson/Drysdale/Cannings 26/27/28th.


4.59pm - Parag Patel (England) wins the Municipal Cup with a score of 25.3 ex 25.5, trumping Mrs E Van dee Vyver's 24.2


in the Dave Smith Cup, England's Jon Underwood is tied for 1st place with Hayter (South Africa) and Steketee (USA). Drysdale was 5th and Ramsay was 9th. Ali Brown was 18th and Alex Williams placed 20th. 


5.15pm - Hayter from South Africa has just won the Dave Smith Cup with 25 points. Jon Underwood (England) won the silver.


PG Kent won the first stage of the State President's with the only 105 on the range. Patel and Barnett were 3rd and 4th, Lewis was 16th and Williams was 29th. Others in the top 30 were South African except 2 Americans and one Australian (Helen Griffiths).