The America Match - Live Updates

The America Match consists of 8 shooters per team firing 15 scoring shots each at each range, shot at 4 ranges (300, 600, 800, 900m) over the course of the day. The maximum possible score per team per range is 600 points.

Competing Teams: England, Ireland, South Africa, USA, Wales.

8:30am - range opened by Brigadier General Alexander with morning prayers.

8.48am - the Match commences.

10.10am - After 300m, the scores for the America Match so far (out of a maximum 600 points) are as follows:

South Africa 597.71

USA 595.69

England 591.55

Ireland 588

Wales ...

Conditions are bright and breezy, warm and clear.


10:42am - Firing at 600m has commenced. Moderate winds from behind cause the range flags to fishtail from side to side. 


1pm. After 600m, the scores are as follows (out of a maximum possible 1200):

South Africa 1192

USA 1185

England 1177

Ireland 1172

Wales 1110

Conditions remain clear and sunny, incredibly bright and hot. 


3pm - South Africa and England put in a strong performance at 800m (587 each) whilst the USA dropped 19 points and Ireland 25. 

So far South Africa have dropped 21 points, USA 34 and England 36. The last range is typically the most significant, and so all is still to play for as we head into the final leg of the competition.

3.26pm - firing at 900m commences. 

4pm - South Africa drop a further 7 points at 900m by the time half of their team has shot. The USA team have dropped 6 points upon reaching the same milestone. England purposefully delay the start of their 900m campaign, hoping for better conditions. 

4.20pm - South Africa drop a further 6 points between 2 additional firers, whilst England and the USA purposefully slow down their rate of fire.

4.30pm - South Africa finish the match with 2362.251. In all past occasions that the match has been held, it has been won by either Great Britain or the USA. It seems the winner's club of two has just become a club of three. Whilst both England and the USA have yet to finish, the South African total cannot be beaten. Well done South Africa. 

4.50pm - USA finish in 2nd place with 2349.217.

England finish in 3rd place with 2340.218.