7th April

Sunday is a day of rest and so it was for the team.  Conversely, Saturday is often a night of exuberance, and so it was too for the team. Last night's rugby was between the famous Cheetah's (who were staying in our hotel) and the equally famous Stormers (who weren't). We were kindly gifted tickets to last night's game by the hotel manager, and what a game it was! It was full of all the usual tension, drama and excitement - characteristic of these games - exacerbated by a tight 1 point margin in the final few minutes by the Stormers. Remarkably, the Cheetahs had possession as the clock ran out and succeeded in pushing through nine plays without losing the ball, which culminated in a penalty and them kicking the winning kick 3 minutes after time ran out to secure a victory!

The morning after was fairly short, with most of the team visiting the Cheetah Sanctuary for some up close petting action of Siberian Tigers, cheetah cubs and adults, lions, leopards, meercats and most global animals with a cat in their name or background.

Thereafter the team were treated to a magnificent brai (BBQ) by the Bramley family at their farm. - a truely warm and welcoming affair. We were also blessed by a frank and fascinating talk with Brigadier General Alexander, who has been the Chief Range Officer at the South African Bisley Union shoots for the last 15 years.