12th April

The plains are alive at dawn with the sign of life - kudu, zebra, springbok, warblers, cattle and riflemen.

Today is the penultimate day on the range with the State President's Stage 2 in the morning. The course of fire is the same as the Queen's II at Bisley; 2 & 10 at 300/500/600m.

The afternoon is comprised of local South African team matches which means our touring party will have the afternoon off - no doubt a good time to rest up for the big day tomorrow, which sees the Protea team match in the morning followed by the final of the State President's in the afternoon.

Paul Kent won the 1st stage of the State President's on Wednesday, and Parag yesterday won two tie shoots within 20 minutes of each other to win both the Dalrymple Cup and the Municiple.