Andy Daw

This will be Andy's first trip to South Africa, however his third overseas tour, having previously conquered The Channel Islands and North America.

In recent years, Andy, 48, GSOH, has represented GB overseas in the Commonwealth Match and on home turf, represented England in both the Mackinnon and National Matches.

Individually, Andy has also won a few 'pots' over the years, most notably winning the Corporation, follow- ing the sage advice of his then shooting master, utilising the winning combination of alcohol and shooting fast! A significant draw to South Africa for Andy will be the ability to consume copious amounts of fine steak. At home, Andy funds his shooting by working in the Pharmaceutical Industry as an IT consultant. Whilst on tour, he will be leaving his partner, 12 year old son, 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 degu and a small shoal of fish at home... Donna is clearly going to have her hands full!

In a former life, Andy used to be a helicopter pilot. These days, in order to fund his shooting habit, he has downsized to the remote control variety. He is hoping to bring one on tour, attaching a camera and getting some 'Sky Sports-esque' action shots of the Protea and America matches.