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Parag Patel Wins South African Championships

Parag won the South African Championships, their most coverted prize which is made up of the Grand, the State President's second Stage and the Statte President's Final. He was driven off the range in a 1934 Ford vintage car.

Parag Patel driven of the range

Protea Match 2013 - Live Updates

As dawn starts to break over the high veld, the team are already up and making final preparations. Named after South Africa's national flower, this is absolutely the most serious match of the tour and the England team are rippling and bristling with quiet excitement and focus. 

Shot over 3 ranges (300/600/900m) this morning from 8 - 12noon, teams are comprised of 12 firers shooting out of 50 points at each range (totalling 1800). The home team are the team to beat, with the Americans also having a very capable team.

8:13 - the match commences. 

8:42 - England finish the 300m range first dropping only 3 points for a score of 597 ex 600. South Africa still have firers to finish and have already dropped 3 points. USA have dropped 7 points. 

8:55 - South Africa finish at300m with 595, having dropped 5 points.

10:15 - England finish first at 600m dropping 10 points (590) for a total of 1187 so far. USA finish dropping 5 points at 600m (totalling 1188 so far), South Africa have dropped 4 points with 3 firers still to go.

10:30 - South Africa finish shooting at 600m dropping 5 points there and are in pole position at this stage (1190 ex 1200).The match is 2/3rds through and the top 3 teams are separated by only 3 points.

11:56 - 2 minutes to go - if Paul Kent gets a 50, it'll be down to V-bulls between England & South Africa


Subject to re-checking the scores it seems South Africa finished with 31 off at 900m making a match total of 1769.193

England have finished with 1767.180.

USA have finished with 1766.172.

1702.110 Ireland

1628.77 Wales

On the England team, Jumbo Lewis top scored with 149.13

There were 2 150's on the South African team - IM Di Bona and LVW Brand

Full scores are available here: Protea Match Scores The USA and Ireland details will be added when available.

GB Under 19's beat their South African counterparts by 15 points with a score of 828.47

At the close of the State President's, Parag Patel wins the South African Open. 

Team announced for Protea Match

The England Team for Saturday's Protea Match against South Africa, USA and Ireland will be:

Match Captain: Chris Belk

Adjutant: Sam Dash


Glyn Barnett, Tom Drysdale, Ant Ringer, Paul Kent

James Watson, Kelvin Ramsey, James Lewis, Jon Underwood

Parag Patel, Ellie Joseph, Andy Daw, Toby Raincock

Other team members: Dominic de Vere, Matt Purdy, Emma Cannings, Alex Williams

The forecast is of a chance of rain, but the same forecast for today has materialised into slightly cloudy but very warm and dry conditions.

We will post results by range as we collate them.

12th April

The plains are alive at dawn with the sign of life - kudu, zebra, springbok, warblers, cattle and riflemen.

Today is the penultimate day on the range with the State President's Stage 2 in the morning. The course of fire is the same as the Queen's II at Bisley; 2 & 10 at 300/500/600m.

The afternoon is comprised of local South African team matches which means our touring party will have the afternoon off - no doubt a good time to rest up for the big day tomorrow, which sees the Protea team match in the morning followed by the final of the State President's in the afternoon.

Paul Kent won the 1st stage of the State President's on Wednesday, and Parag yesterday won two tie shoots within 20 minutes of each other to win both the Dalrymple Cup and the Municiple.

Results 11th April


Parag and Glynn will be battling it out in a tie shoot today for the Dalrymple Pimple also with PP Prinsloo, all having scored 105.17 ex 105.21. In the same competition Underwood came 14th, Daw came 20th with 104.14 and Raincock/de Vere/Belk came 23/24/25th with Ringer 27th. The Dalrymple Challenge cup was donated by Sir Williams Dalrymple, KBE to the Transvaal Rifle Association, who then donated it to SABU. First held in 1936, the competition was mostly won by South Africans until David Calvert (Ireland, GB) won it in 1996 and 2001. In 1999 it was won by an American, and by Danny Coleman (Great Britain) in 2002. Nigel Ball won it in 2008 and Matt Ensor in 2009.


4.42pm - The Dalrymple was won by Parag Patel (England) in the tie shoot with a score of 25.4. Prinsloo came second with an identical score to Glyn Barnett, who won the bronze medal.


In the Kings Norton Cup, South Africa took the top three places (Johan Du Toit, JJ Bruwer, PA Haasbroek), with Kelvin Ramsay 4th, and Sam Dash 11th.

In the Municipal Cup, Parag Patel and Mrs E Van dee Vyver need to tie shoot for 1st & 2nd - both having scored 50.7 (ex 50.10). FWA Coetzee (Sou Africa) placed 3rd, Underwood 13th and Watson/Drysdale/Cannings 26/27/28th.


4.59pm - Parag Patel (England) wins the Municipal Cup with a score of 25.3 ex 25.5, trumping Mrs E Van dee Vyver's 24.2


in the Dave Smith Cup, England's Jon Underwood is tied for 1st place with Hayter (South Africa) and Steketee (USA). Drysdale was 5th and Ramsay was 9th. Ali Brown was 18th and Alex Williams placed 20th. 


5.15pm - Hayter from South Africa has just won the Dave Smith Cup with 25 points. Jon Underwood (England) won the silver.


PG Kent won the first stage of the State President's with the only 105 on the range. Patel and Barnett were 3rd and 4th, Lewis was 16th and Williams was 29th. Others in the top 30 were South African except 2 Americans and one Australian (Helen Griffiths).